Get exclusive access to the World's first Scalp Micropigmentation Masterclass from industry leading expert, Marc Allen.

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Train with one of the world’s most trusted SMP artists.

For the first time, former celebrity barber and multi award-winning scalp artist, Marc Allen, invites you to train through a new virtual masterclass.

Marc’s extensive expertise is drawn from his 25 years’ experience within the barbering industry and today, through a series of video content, you too, can learn the outstanding techniques now being practiced by artists across the world.  

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The first of its kind...

Marc Allen launches the world’s only online SMP Masterclass. Awarded for his precision skills and practice, Marc holds winning titles for both UK Best technician and UK Artist of the Year with innovative company, Creative Scalps, accomplishing the World Scalp Awards for UK Company of the Year.


Now, having worked with celebrities across the world, Marc brings his collective expertise to the forefront of industry training, sharing the personal techniques he has vastly become recognised for. 


I love what I do

       as an SMP artist...

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With private hair clinics both in the UK and Arizona, USA, Marc understands the complexities and principles of Scalp Micropigmentation, and since founding ‘Creative Scalps’ in 2016, has led 2-day masterclasses in Florida and Dubai. He has also represented the UK in the World Micropigmentation Conference. Today, he is an ambassador for Bishop SMP and has one ultimate professional goal – to make SMP better for everyone.

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I transform people’s lives by transforming the way they look, giving them the confidence to be the best version of themselves.


But sadly, I can’t be everywhere, so what I can do is the next best thing – Educate other SMP artists across the globe and help them to raise the standards in our industry. That way, every client, no matter where they are in the world, can get the best SMP treatment possible.

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The Masterclass

A Masterclass enriched with technical experience and scientific knowledge, Marc Allen shares some of the most important foundation principles for practicing SMP confidently and safely.


Through this creative online masterclass, you will learn about needle theory and precision methods, ink mixing, troubleshooting and how to execute Marc’s top-secret, self-developed SMP techniques to provide clients with their desired end result.

The Modules

You will learn from one of the world’s best, being given the opportunity to access the most ultimate guide to Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Tattooing. You will learn new ways to advance your SMP skills as Marc demonstrates ways for you to incorporate his world-renowned expertise into your own practice, such his signature 5 point hairline technique. For years, you’ve had to travel to meet the man behind some of the best SMP transformations but now, you can develop your knowledge on your own terms, through an unmatched masterclass, delivered exclusively online.

Masterclass - Lighting

An even soft spread of light will enable you to see your impressions more clearly, and this means you’ll be much more likely to produce your best work. 



Masterclass - Pre-Treatment Advice

Here, Marc shares 5 critical considerations for pre-treatment skin care, the absolute essentials every SMP artist should know.



Masterclass - Aftercare Advice

The key to a successful SMP procedure is all in the aftercare. In this tutorial, Marc discusses the healing process, and how to best take care of your scalp post treatment.



Masterclass - Hair Length Preparation

Hair preparation is one of the most important starting points for a successful SMP treatment.



Masterclass - The Consultation

Initial consultations are key to putting your client at ease, but they are also critical to you, as an SMP artist, as they will help determine the stages of your treatment and how to progress with your client.



Masterclass - Before & After Photos

Documenting your client’s SMP journey is good practice for showcasing the work you do. A strong portfolio not only helps with establishing and securing new business, but can also demonstrate the progress of an SMP treatment to your client too.




To start your career in Scalp Micro-pigmentation, or to expand your knowledge and provide the best possible treatments and aftercare to clients, sign up today.

Together, we will make SMP better for everyone.